♥ Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Went Daiso with couzie & my brother today (;

my couzie, brother & me




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♥ Monday, December 27, 2010

First boyfriend whom I spent my Christmas with! (: (: (:


Five more days to year 2011.
Six more days to my 4th month of love

Hope my year 2011 will be a brand new good year with my loved ones


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♥ Tuesday, December 21, 2010

He's not perfect but I know he kept trying ♥

He's not like any other Mr romantic type of guy.
He won't know how to surprise his girlfriend, but I know he always try his best to make me happy & laugh.
He won't know how to send long & sweet goodnight text either, but he'll send me goodnight text that will puts a smile on my face.
He's not the cutest guy on earth & neither he's the most handsome guy on earth too, but he have a pair of attractive eyes.
He's rough, talks loudly, don't have a good temper too,
but he have his most gentle side & his most gentle tone that made me fall a lil' bit more for him each time. He's soft-hearted & he's willing to change his bad temper.
He's not perfect but I know he kept trying, because of me

He showered me with love with his most sincerest part of his heart.
Being with him, I felt happy & blessed (:

The one that bring joy to my life.
Chirs Lee Jia Jun, this post is for you







He may not bbe perfect, but he's enough fer me ♥

GoodBYE ♥ 9:40 PM

Its time for me to update my damn dead blog!
well! I've got so much to update though. Just that I'm way too lazy!
I shall cut it simple, sweet & short to make my post not a long & composy one then.

Life been pretty well the same. Things change as time goes by.
People walk in & out of our life. Everything happens for a reason too.
Alot of things happened in my life. Laughters, tears, goods & bads. I always got these wonderful groups of people stay by me. They are the people that I love.

Besties buddies ever



( they never fail to bbe there for me, never ever )

All time favourites



They let me know that friendship do not have to bbe a long one.
All I need is just a true one.

My lovely bitch

( she never fail to bbe a good listener of mine. Always my best )

They made me laugh from my heart

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♥ Monday, September 06, 2010

Love is in the air!

I'm in love since 2nd sept 2010 (:
Being with him made me feel like, I didn't have to work so hard on being happy.
It could just happen whenever with his presence around!

shall update when I'm not lazyyy ya? (;

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♥ Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Pictures taken during Vincent's birthday celebration (:

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♥ Monday, August 23, 2010

This is my favourite, Lucia Ng x.f (;

Celebrated vincent (xiaofang's bf) 19th birthday at serangoon on friday (:
Head to serangoon, chomp chomp fer our dinner. Went k-garden fer drinking & singing session after that. When the clock strikes 12. woohoo! Favourite bring in the cake to surprise vincent (; He was surprised & touched. hehe. After the celebration, headed back to home sweet home. I shall upload the pics taken during vin's birthday soon!

Anyway, life been pretty well the same. Having holidays now due to the Y0G (:
School will soon reopen after 1 mre weeks & here comes my exams! :(

GoodBYE ♥ 1:17 AM